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At the domestic life insurance companies, as one of the initiatives for Diversity and Inclusion, we are working to reform employee awareness and improve the human capital development system to provide more opportunities for female employees, comprising a large part of the Company.

On April 1, 2016, the second female Executive Officer of the Company was appointed.

Under this goal, we will continue to carry out various initiatives for Total Life Plan Designers and office in-house employees. As of June 2016, we employ 987 people with disabilities nationwide, or 2.22% of our entire workforce. Dai-ichi Life website (Active Participation of Employees with Disabilities) The Dai-ichi Life Group channels its energies into hiring international students and exchanging and developing top management at the divisional level inside and outside Japan, in addition to developing global human resources in Japan, to strengthen the entire Group's international competitiveness.

Specifically, we promote dispatch of employees overseas for study or training, and conduct the Overseas Challenge Club for young people as a program for enhancing language skills and intercultural understanding by inviting teachers who are native speakers.

Recently, the Products table in the database was renamed as BMV Products.

It consists of five topics that represent daily store sales for BMV products: The Products topic represents the Products table in the database.

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This tutorial covers how to create a replacement data model, for use by Impact Manager, for Interactive Reporting documents in Workspace when database table and column names change.

Back to Topic List Before starting this tutorial, you should: Have access to the MS SQL Server database named Bookmart Sample Database through the connection file named Bookmart Sample

The user name is analyst and the password is password.

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