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With the introduction of actress Judith Light in the role of Karen in late 1977, head writer Gordon Russell ramps up the storyline into Marco and Karen's relationship, with the role of Karen becoming a jangled bundle of nerves around Anthony's Marco.

With the arrival of the goddaughter of Victoria "Viki" Lord Riley (Erika Slezak), Tina Clayton (Andrea Evans), Marco opens up a brothel while masquerading it as a photography studio.

After his release from prison, though, Edwina and Marco reconcile and marry.

Apparently reformed from his criminal ways, partners-in-crime Marco and Karen learns that Tina's (adoptive) father, Ted Clayton, is attempting to swindle the Lord family fortune from Viki.

"Mario" then presents forged letters of threats from Viki to Marco as evidence.

Karen convinces her friend and fellow prostitute Katrina Karr (Nancy Snyder) as to the true identity of Marco's murderer, and Katrina directs Karen to a post office box with a letter about the killer.

As the 1980s begin, Karen is raped by Brad Vernon (Steve Fletcher), the husband of her younger sister Jenny Wolek Vernon (Brynn Thayer), and confided in Marco (as Mario) as to the apparent assault.

Upon learning of her husband's rape of her sister, the pregnant Jenny went into premature labor as Katrina Karr was in-hospital giving birth to her own child.

Unable to sever ties with Edwina, Marco engages in a love triangle between his ex-wife and new romance and sister of Jenny's ex-husband, Samantha Vernon.

Known for her recurrent bouts with multiple personalities (most notably, "Niki Smith"), Viki's apparent motive of revenge for the damaged reputations of her dear Tina and close friend Karen leads Llanview Police Lieutenant Ed Hall (Al Freeman, Jr.) to arrest the town heroine.

Viki is later indicted and charged with the murder of Marco, unbeknownst to anyone Marco had an identical twin brother.

When Viki is put on trial for the murder of Marco, Llanview District Attorney Herb Callison (Anthony Call) brings surprise witness "Dr.

Mario Corelli" (Marco masquerading as his dead brother) to the witness stand.

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