Dating scams 419

Now I have a resume that I paid 880AED for and the representative is not responding to my emails. citizen and I believe one should not pay for anything especially when we are looking out for a job, just like how it is back home.I wish there were some organization I could go to and report this kind of treatment very unethical and misleading to what their website claims are. I am wondering if this is happening to any other individuals out there who are looking for work.Doesn't Dubai has banks too Unless the scammers are in Canada of course Mohit, it's obvious you work for jobsindubai dot nasb dot scam!I've always wondered why would people do such things as steal other people's money! I know you don't care - and poor people would keep sending you money, but what makes me happy is knowing there's an end to people like you - usually in dark rotten 4x4 cells, no matter how smart you are Ok this is really confusing the hell out of me!!I just believe this is as good as charging someone for a job, its more like, you dish out 880 AED and we can get you this job.Especially because the resume that I got from was something I could have done with some Google search copy / paste and produced in 10 minutes.If there are no employers that use the site, or no employers that can access our resumes then this is a scam.

I have personally met atleast 8 people in the past 3 months, who've had a bad experience with and absolutely no refund. Emirates has its own recruitment website and why should one pay to regsiter for Jobs in Emirates Group. I found this forum through a google search and no point for guessing that my text on the search field was "jobsindubai fraud".

Now if employer will like my profile or my resume, he will contact me directly.

I think, there will be a lot of candidates who are applying for one position. What so ever it is, if I will not get a job, till next six months, I can always apply for a refund and I will get my money back!!!! And I guess we should stop blaming the other companies.

Im sad to say I think its a scam, but the novice within me still holds a glimmer of hope. they should know better than to mess with an unemployed marketer I am also a register member of Jobs in Dubai Inc.

and after reading all of your guyz comments, I thought to give them a call and talk to them.

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