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Located on Campobello Island, where FDR summered as both a child and adult, East Quoddy's lighthouse is also referred to as the Head Harbour Lighthouse.

George Washington commissioned two masons in 1787 to construct a lighthouse on Portland Head from local rubblestone and a majority of that original structure remains today.

The light at the top of this 40-foot-tall cast-iron tower was first activated in 1876 and continues to alert arrivals to the entrance to Woods Hole Harbor. The Point Reyes Light was built in 1870 to protect mariners from the treacherously foggy Point Reyes headlands—which jut 10 miles into the sea near San Francisco Bay—and stayed on duty until 1975.

The red-roofed lighthouse is now a museum operated by the National Park Service.

Visitors can explore the grounds and camp at one of the 13 yurts at nearby Bullards Beach State Park.

First lit in 1858, this 150-foot-tall lighthouse is still an active aid to navigation and therefore closed to the public.

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